Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Happy 2014! 

I can't quite believe how quickly 2013 zipped by. It's been a good year for us. We went to South Africa at Easter. An epic trip (as daughter would say :)), far, far better than I would ever have imagined; I turned 40; he turned 40; we went camping with my cousin, best friend and the kids to a farm in the Peaks with a stream as the star attraction; the hubby and I cycled to and around Guernsey on our little folder bikes; at Halloween the girlie and I went to visit my brother and his newbaby twins in Chicago eating much frozen yogurt (froyo :)) and Dunkin' dogs and went on a cupcake tour where I dressed as a bumblebee. I'm sure we did loads more but those were some serious highlights.

Now it's time for me too take a good look at myself, get organised, sort out my eating and fitness and get myself healthy. New year, new start eh?!

We've no plans to go anywhere big this year as we are going to finally extend the house. It'll be exciting and definitely awful at the time as we live in a terrace and everything will have to come through the house, including the dirt. It WILL be worth it though!

A very happy new year to anyone who may be reading - fingers crossed for a good'un!  Xxx

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